To run a Christ-like effective group of any type, we have to have rules to keep us
in compliance with AOL and MOST importantly in obedience with God's Word...

Please read these, and keep them in your filing cabinet for easy reference, 
or perhaps even copy them and keep them close to your desk!!

1.   This new group will be closed weekends.  The new update will be sent out at 
10:00 p.m. EST on Sunday nights by the list leader, and we will continue
to share until Friday night at 10:00 p.m. (whatever time zone you are in!)
We decided to not keep the group open on weekends in order to give our members
more time to spend with their families, and also to get caught up on their 
mail and other things they need to be doing to stay organized online!

2.   We realize that some people are on dial-up to the internet, and their emails do not
open as quickly.    So, when sending graphics, please limit the number of graphics in your
sends to FIVE (not including the background).   The exception to this would
be if you are sending a "Days of the Week" set, that has seven graphics,
you may go over.   The alternative to having excess graphics would be putting them
in a zipped file.    Zipped files are fine, but again we realize that some folks are
leery about opening zipped files because of the fear of viruses, etc. 

3.  When you send to the group, it is IMPERATIVE that you use ONLY the
latest updated member link found in the leader's daily update emai!
Using old emails will result in you sending to people no longer on the list
or you depriving new members from receiving your email!
Sending to people who are no longer on the list is against AOL
guidelines and is an AOL TOS violation...so please please make sure
you use the latest update when you send to the group! 

4.   As a Christian group, we do NOT send through this group anything
that is not glorifying to the Lord.   Absolutely no adult content!
No tags with scantily clad people, nothing that is not glorifying to the
Lord or that is not family-oriented.    If you have any doubts about sending,
then that is probably a good indication that you should not send it!
Sending inappropriate graphics, etc., through this group 
is grounds for immediate removal!

5.   If you have a problem in the group with a leader, or any individual,
do NOT bring this problem to the group.    If you can't settle it on a 
one-on-one basis with the person involved, talk to the leaders about it,
and it can probably be handled very quietly and quickly!
Also, whatever problems you feel you are having with anyone in the
group, by returning this acknowledgement, I am promising that I 
will never TOS anyone in this group!    All problems will be
referred to list leaders!

6.  DO NOT DELETE ANY OF THE LEADERS' UPDATES!   If the email is from
a leader and has DND or DO NOT DELETE on it, then please open!
Deleting leader updates is grounds for removal.    We realize that sometimes 
this can be done accidentally, so if we see you have deleted a leaders' update, 
you will be sent an email.
If this continues, you will be removed from the group!
You are free to delete any other email that you feel you have to.

7.   We are no different than most graphics group, when it comes to "lots of mail!"   
There will be a lot of mail everyday in your mailbox!   We pray that the
amount of mail does not become a problem to you; that is why we say
it is okay to delete when need be.
We would rather for you to delete than to get frustrated 
and leave the group!     We hope that you will find that
although somedays the amount of mail may appear
somewhat overwhelming, you will find it worth it...
that each piece of mail that you open will be filled
with God's love and you will be totally blessed!
Also, do not FORWARD any of HAAG's mail to others on the internet!
You may copy and paste and send to them, but do not forward 
the emails themselves!    If they are interested in our sends,
invite them to join the group!

8.  It is not mandatory for you to send to be part of this group.
We hope that everyone will send at least occasionally in order
for us to get to know you, but it is not a requirement!

9.  We are always open to suggestions....If you have any good ideas
or even ways to improve what we are doing, please share with the leaders!
The "majority" does not always rule in this group; the Lord rules!
Every suggestion that is shared with us will be prayed about and
then the leaders will act on it as they feel led by the Lord!

10.    Not only are we a graphics group, we are a SUPPORT group,
and we are here to offer inspiration and friendship to one another.
Whatever problems you may be going thru, there is one thing that
we do request.    If you are experiencing financial problems,
it is fine to say, "Please pray for me and my family, as my 
husband lost his job", or whatever...but please do not go into
deep elaboration of all of your financial problems.    The reason is
because although not intended to be that way, it would appear
to some that you were "soliciting" money from the group,
even if you were not.    The sad thing is there is so much "scamming"
on the internet, it casts a shadow on those who have legitimate problems.  

11.     Please keep your mailboxes open!  If your mailbox becomes full,
we have no choice but to remove you as the list cannot be sent without
removing you!   It will be your responsibility to let the leaders know when
your box is clear in order to add you back to the group!   
If your box becomes full often,
this could result in your not being added back to the group!

12.  Do not send chain letters or Virus Alerts to the group.   If you have
one that you feel is legitimate, please send it first to a leader,
before sending it out!

13.   Please pray for our group everyday...for its leaders, and for
each member.    We all have problems of some sort, our own
crosses we have to bear...and we all need prayer!

14.   Please tell others about our group;  This is an
on-line ministry and we need each of you to help us 
"Paint the Internet for Jesus", sharing God's love
with each on-line contact we make!


MaryJos42@aol.com (Mary Jo)

CO-LEADERS:   Lacybunny2@aol.com (Lacy)
              Nancylovessc@aol.com (Nancy)
              Peepeye3@aol.com (Sondra) 


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